Deities of Macinar: Part 1

Here is just a sampling of a few of the Deities that exist in the world of Macinar. It's funny to think how many have been with me since childhood, and how they have evolved along with me.


Sigmas the Ascended

Sigmas was once a great king of men. His leadership brought the humans into control of the mainland. His divinity was shown in his long life. It is said that he ruled for 200 years, then when he fell in battle he defeated the minions of death to come back to life and rule another 500 years. Before his ascension he divided the mainland into five kingdoms, leaving each under the leadership of his five children. He is believed to be the first mortal to ascend to godhood, and is the most worshiped god among the humans of the five kingdoms.


BRENN (The Burning Lord)

In many worlds the Sun is worshiped as a blessing. A warm giver of life, a symbol of life and harvest.
In Macinar, the sun is respected as a force of terrible power. A great beacon of truth that separates the weak from the strong. A symbol of suffering and perseverance. Brenn, the Burning Lord, was sent into the sky for the actions of his life, and cursed with the burden of pushing the sun across the sky. His dark arms are wreathed in flame, and he longs to be reunited with the love of his life, his sister, Quain'ess.


KARAZA-KARAK (The Tree of Origin)

When the world was barren and the sea and sky had yet to be born, it is said that the great tree of life, Karaza-Karak manifested and shed her seeds onto the lands and into the oceans. These gave birth to the trees, animals, birds, fish and even Humans, Elves and Dwarves. All life stems from the great tree that symbolizes the spirit of nature. Some also say that in order to purge herself of harmful magics, she first had to plant the seeds of monsters and darkness.


QUAIN'ESS (The Sword Maiden of the Sea)

Much like the terrible sun, the Sea is revered as a taker of lives and an all encompassing power that controls the fate of those who wish to see new lands. You honor the Sea, and give to her tribute, or you die in her dark waters.
Quain'ess was cast out from the land by the old gods to be lost in the endless waters, away from her beloved brother, as a punishment for the lives she took, but in her great strength she conquered that domain and made it hers. It is said that with each ship, sailor, treasure, bit of history, or entire civilization she consumes, her power grows. She stands out beyond the horizon swinging her horrible blades, causing the tide to rise and fall, waiting for her chance to have revenge. It is also said that at the end of each day, when the sun lowers itself behind the sea, for a brief moment she returns to the embrace of her lost brother, Brenn, the god of the sun, and their love burns in shades of red, pink, and orange.

Law Johnson