Seasons of the Macinar Year

A documenting of the Lunar Phases of Macinar by Master Gideon Thimus III of the Hand of the White Magic- Recorded in the Temple Of Liett in the center of Andisine, the Standing City

"The Azure Princess, Cloaked in white
Stands vigil over kingdom night
Her frozen tears take wind and wing
And guide the dawning of the spring

The Green Eyes Goddess slowly paws
Into the darkness sinks her claws
In prowl she seeks the hidden light
While cutting pinholes in the night

The Warrior with his golden shield
Rides brave across the midnights field
With lance of dawn held tight in fist
He races down the mornings list

A sanguine scar is carved on high
And bleeds across the broken sky
Like ripples in a crimson lake
It guides lost spirits in its wake

And after each the ivory woe
A ghost with gloom and death in toe
And while his eyes are last to show
He sees what others fear to know."

Zachary BarcusComment