The Five Kingdoms: Part 1

Lionne: Southwestern Kingdom of Macinar.
The people are known as Ivors.
The Symbol: The White Blade of Sigmas and the Hammer of Master Barthus (First priest of Sigmas). The shield of Halleden The Horsebringer. The Ivory Crown with the ancient script written in the old tongue “Blessed by the Gods, for we are they”
The currency here is Signian Coin. Copper Dithers, Silver Crowns, Golden Draks, and Platinum Zithers.
The Language here is Signian (Common)

It is lead by King Almsore, who dwells in the capitol city of Inlakes. A huge human metropolis built on large land masses between 9 fresh water lakes. It is the largest city in Lionne, by a wide margin. Well fortified and flush with natural resources.
The second largest is the Port City Luccinilli. Many years ago the down started to descend into poverty, forcing the wealthy and the poor to draw a line in the sand, evolving into a rich prosperous half of town looking down on a seedy laborious slums. Many call it the city with two faces. It is also home to the Lionne Navy, and has a strong military presence.
The oldest town in Lionne is Rogamia, nestled in the sacred Rose Hills. This collective of white stone buildings and lush vineyards houses a peaceful society of artists, musicians, philosophers and of course vinters, famous for the sweet and earthy Rogamian Red.

Major Landmarks:
The Ivory Coast, whos white sand seems to stretch on forever.
The Eastern Himl’Horn Mountains. Treacherous and icy glaciers that divine Lionne from Dorn’Heaim.
The Midras Wall: A large wall made from natural resources that divide Lionne from Chimarus, and keep what dwells there at bay.
Halladen’s Wood: A massive old forest that stretches nearly from the Eastern coast to the mountains, named after Halleden the Horsebringer.
The Oilstone Mountains: The jagged rocky, yet beautiful coastal mountains that are said the be the stone that the sea goddess sharpens her blade upon. Home to the Peak’s Dawning Festival, and lush natural habitat for many old creatures.

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Alk’Hara: Northeastern Desert Kingdom
The people are known as Alk’Harans (or far worse depending who you ask)
The Symbols: The Royal Golden Sphinx of the Queen and the Red Manticore of the Order of Blades
The Currency here is trade cut gems known as Mr’umba, as well as hand written vouchers from the noble houses (and sometimes people)
The Language is Alk’Haran.

The leader of Alk’Hara is, and always has been a Queen. Any attempts to raise a patron to leadership in this kingdom have ended with tragedy. Some believe it a mandate from the gods. The current ruler is Queen Mio’Nalla. She rules in the Palace of the Sphinx in Den’Mezzier. Den’Mezzier itself is the gem of the Northern Coast. A city of immense wealth and art. It is made up of many smaller satellite towns that collectively make the largest city in all of Macinar. Mendra, Del’Menra, and Zanden are the three largest segments of this hive of cities. Some believe the reason for their great wealth is their use of slavery, frowned on by the other 4 Kingdoms, and often a source of conflict between them.

Major Landmarks
The Breathless Sands: Hundreds of miles of incredibly hot and deadly desert. Home to horrible sand storms, powerful beasts, and deadly foes.
Rhak’Tar Mountains: A large portion of rocky wasteland and tall stone mountains given by the old Queen to what many call the “savage” races. They stay in their territory, for the most part, and help defend the border during times of war. Orcs, Hobgoblins, Giants, and Gnolls can be found in many thriving colonies together in this place.
The Burning Wilds: A series of wild flat landscapes speckled with lush groves of old trees and oases wich lead into jungle the further west you travel.
The Nimarri Mountains: The highest altitude in all of Alk’Hara, these ancient mountains were once home many many older civilizations, but fell to ruin. Now, nestled along the coast at their base, the new home of the Dragonborn, Drakkar, can be found (not featured on map). These planar refugees fled the destruction of their home land and when they landed in Alk’Hara, made a deal with the Queen to align themselves with her if they could be granted land for their new home.

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