Arytom Konstantinovich Volkov is a Dark Elf from Drogan Drov. After decades as a Deep Root miner, he served a noble family as Apothecary and Medical Doctor before escaping into the sunrise. Now, he serves as Cleric to Brenn, God of the Sun and Suffering.

Arvid was raised in the hard freezing climates of Eastern Dornheim. He is a proud member of the The Sons of the Red Moon Tribe. Though he is the runt of his Firbolg clan, he is sense of honor is great, and he wishes nothing more than to prove his strength, even if it means leaving home forever.

Kryst Z’Grande is a long way from the Alk’Haran pleasure houses he was raised in, under the watchful eye of House Cubis. Being a slave shaped him into the self-reliant and caring young man he is today. His powers come from a strange source that will either help him find his true freedom or kill him in the process.

Haruthakss is the descendant of pilgrims from the Drakar world of Selverax, who lived their life as a simple Witch Doctor in the Marshlands of Danmeir. The calling to a life of adventure came from an unexpected voice. One that few had ever heard, and lived to tell the tale.