Law Johnson
Co-Founder, Dungeon Master, Art Director

Law has been running and playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 23 years . He is a published adventure author, and lead admin and memesmith on facebook's /dndmemes.
He has a Bachelors of Science in Media Arts & Animation, and is a professional chef at a Board Game bar and restaurant, as well as catering for D&D private dinners

Zach Barcus
Co-Founder, Voice of Artyom Volkov,
Tech Director

Zach is an IT professional turned professional internet bum. He and Law cofounded Slap Dash Studios in June of 2018 and have since been creating shoddy content for the world to begrudgingly enjoy.

Allonté Barakat
Voice of Kryst

Sam Frost
Voice of Arvid

Michael Loving
Voice of Haruthakss