LUQNA|E01: The League of Ultimate Questions

Welcome to the League of Ultimate Questions!

Wanna know more about the LUQ? Wanna know more about the cast? This special bonus episode of LUQ centers around answering common questions from fans and friends and giving you all a little peak behind the shield. With regular breaks featuring our best In World Fake Advertisements.

For those that want to get into LUQ but don’t have the time to go through 22 episodes of action packed podcast, we have a complete story recap at the end of LUQNA designed to bring new listeners current and remind existing listeners of major story points.

We thank all of you who have helped to make this podcast a success and look forward to questing with you for a long time to come.


If you have questions that were not answered by today’s Q&A, please tweet @slapdashstudios with #LUQNA and #LUQ. You can also reach out to us at

Tune in next week for more, regularly scheduled, League of Ultimate Questing. Until then, we wish you LUQ.

Zachary BarcusComment