Big Changes Coming!

Hello my most tender darlings!

As you may or may not know, Slap Dash Studios is going through some serious puberty right now. After hitting 1000 Listeners, we decided to cobble together some semblance of professionalism and quality.

The first, and most notable of our changes, is this fanciful new website. Drink deep of it’s magesty. Granted, It’s still a work in progress so we’re a little light on the majesty front. But it’s majestish.

We’ve got a brand new podcast set for release on July 3rd complete with 3 full episodes starring such guests as Marshal Short from

We’ve also scheduled a tentative Patreon Launch for July 7th where you can support LUQ and get exclusive content, character sheets for the Team and even get your name on the show!

All this and more in the upcoming weeks.

Until then, we wish you LUQ!

Zachary Barcus